Personal exhibition at Chalkis Town Hall (Evia), titled "Metamorfosis", 1995
Group exhibition : 1) Accademy of Fine Arts of Venice Graduation Exhibition 1996, at Fondazione Bevi Lacqua La Masa, Cattedrale Ex Macello, Padova.
                                2)Galleria S.Vidal, Fiera del quadro, Venezia,1996
Theatre: " Physical Theatre" European Performances. ARGO Theatre, Athens. 2002.
Trilogy of Bodies, Greek partecipation titled: " From Sound to Myth"
Direction-Lightning Design: Barbara Douka, Video Art: Makis Faros, Costumes: Eleni Tsaldiri.
Group Exhibition in Printmaking: 1) The Printmaking course of the School of Fine Arts of Athens ( prof. Vicky Tsalamata) presents " Interaction from engraving to print" , Gea Gallery, Pireus, 2011.
2) The Printmaking  cource of Fine Arts of Athens ( curation by Vicky Tsalamata)
Titled: Stratis Tsirkas " Ciudades a la deriva "(100 years from his birth) in G.Gounaro Museum of
 Athens. 2011.
3) Tassos Foundation " The contmporary Greek Printmakers " at Ciprus House of Athens, 2012.
Illustration Cupboard of London, MA Children's Book Illustration, Gratuation Exhibition Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, 2010
Benaki Museum, Books Presentation and Illustrations  Exhibition, 2011 ( "The amazing theatre presents : D.Mytaras, J.Moralis, K.Tsoklis by Livanis Publications)