I was born in Evia, a Greek island, full of fishermen. I studied painting for four years in the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, at Emilio Vedova's legendary studio. After my studies in Italy I returned to Athens where I studied Printmaking in the School of Fine Arts. My love for children’s picture books lead me to attend the MA in Children's Book Illustration in Cambridge School of Arts (prof. Martin Salisbury) which was made possible with a scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece. My work experience of over fifteen years as an Arts’ Teacher in primary schools has influenced both my artwork and my stories which have an educational character. My main goal is to create books which through a joyful experimentation will bring the children close to a moment from the history of art. My first series of arts' educational books titled “Contemporary Greek Artists” was published in 2011 by Livanis Publishing House. The three book series introduces children to the work of three prominent Greek artists: Dimitris Mytaras, Yannis Moralis and Kostas Tsoklis. In April 2013 a second series of three arts' educational books titled “Learning the colours: The blue cloud, The red soup, The green party” was published, again by Livanis Publishing House. These books are the development of my master’s degree project where I created three little stories about a boy (based on a prehistoric Cycladic figurine from Ancient Greece) who through his daily adventures creates inadvertently a “mess”. In my recent projects I have experimented with fabrics and embroidery while my technique evolves from the figurative pictorial to the sewn abstract printmaking images.